It’s time to make a change

(Week 24, Day 3):

After two weeks away making art, and experiencing a beautiful environment, sitting at my computer blogging about discarding my stuff has lost its appeal to me.  I’ve struggled for months to find items to declutter, and while I do still have things that will eventually go, they won’t go until certain things in my life change.  Lately, I’ve spent too much time looking for and photographing declutter items.  It shouldn’t be that difficult.  I am not going to take down the blog, but I am going to take a hiatus.  I want to focus on art and jewelry making, while remaining conscious of not accumulating unnecessary things.  When I do have an AHA and find something that needs to go, I’ll post it.  I’ll leave you with a photograph of a beautiful swallowtail butterfly caterpillar that was nibbling on my dill a few days ago.

  1. Karen E said:

    Congrats on getting to a point where you don’t need to declutter every day.🙂

    • delona said:

      Thanks! I know I still have things I don’t need, but daily decluttering had become too time consuming. I got to the point where I was afraid I would regret a declutter.

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